raving reggae

I’m not really a fan of noontime show opening acts, but today’s opening number of eat bulaga amused me.
The seemingly tribute-to-reggae-music performance was one of the few entertaining acts on the noontime airwaves.
Eat Bulaga hosts like Michael V, Keempee, Jose and Gladys Guevarra transformed some OPM pop songs like Narda into reggae medleys.

The first spark of interest in reggae music occurred to me after watching 50 first dates. Yeah. Ok, the movie’s soundtrack was not at all pure reggae, but the summer, reggae grooves then pushed me to explore the reggae world.

I’ve loved Bob Marley, Big Mountain, Tropical Depression, Hemp Republic, JR Kilat and Island Joe since I’ve heard their music.

It was amazing to learn that Reggae music from the beginning was the voice for those oppressed due to the color of their skin, socially, politically and quite simply along racial lines.

Reggae for Justice!

Amidst the overwhelming hourly increase of oil prices, there is the emerging movement of reggae to entertain and influence the social and political psyche of the people (I hope so).

Let’s all be happy under the reggae moon!


Anonymous said...

caMON! get ur feet on d reggae grooves!

Anonymous said...

nde ako fan ng regga musc.. nababagot ako sa beat at parang nakaka hypnotize pa nga...

uhmmm i'll sing with you this time(to the tune of a familiar reggae music..forgot the title)
"reggae for justice" yebba! may natutunan akong bago ngaun dahil sayo. ;)

Anonymous said...

una kong narinig ang reggae noong circa 90's sa Tropical Depression after noon ... naappreciate ko na siya, lalo na nung napanood ko yung documentary ng jamaican music .... with Bob marley as a father of reggae music ..classic galeng :)

gif said...

i agree! i was blessed to watch a live reaggae performance from various artists wen i was in the states. it was hella fun! great music to dance to! :D

but the air wasn't all that pleasing, filled with smoke and smell of illegal drugs around the corner. lol! i guess its all part of the reggae feel. lol!

krista said...

yeah. sarap nga. napanood ko rin ung eat bulaga episode na yun. :)

alam mo ba, i didn't make it to the meeting :(

yeah. bagong pikchur sa blog design. ang ganda parang summersy talaga hehe :)

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