dreaming bandido

i just learned from a friend that my spanish 2 grade sucked.
ok, i passed, and that's about it.
this post was never intended for my rants against my spanish subject grade.
but then i was just worried that my performance in class would affect my future.

i wanted to become a bandido.
a bandit, a modern-day robinhood of some sort, robbing the city banks and sharing the money to the impoverished filipinos.
i'll get money instead of getting myself prone to eye hemorrhage from excessive monitor radiation due to blogging.

i will go to a desert town in mexico and meet the two bandidas.
i will give them the passionate kiss that they have been longing since the detective guy went away.

the three of us will rob banks, help the poor and spend the night together.
the three of us will share and teach each other the passion of desert romance.

yes. i will be their one and only bandido.
and only i can enjoy the pleasures of their company, even in bed.
ahh. what a nice future.

then my spanish professor who looked like the hybrid of HP's professor trelawney and professor mcgonaggal will appear on the scene and ruin my fantasies.

no! she can't!

tu no hablas español señor rivera!

and so what?!
i can still learn spanish.
and besides, the language of passion transcends any linguistic barrier.

then i will quote einstein-
not all those that can be counted counts,
and not all that counts can be counted.

end of soliloquy.

hasta mañana.

hot bandidas
if i were not to be a bandido, i'd looove to be their hostage


WOOT! said...

nice espanyol[wala akong 'enye' sa keyboard]!kahit hindi ko naiintinihan..nice choice din ng bandidas isang hot at isang cute..sana pinagsama na lang!hindi ko maintindihan ung cnabi ni alam ko lang na qoute ''its the tought that counts!'' :D

bulitas said...

hello ruth! wala naman talagang enye sa default keyboard. u can make it appera by simultaneously typing alt + 164 or 165.
bandidas is a nice action-comedy flick shown on theatres. =)

Talamasca said...

So it's really true... That they require students in UP to take up Spanish, even though the course is already passe or something like that? Coolness...

Whoa! I've seen Bandidas! It was alright. Entertaining enough. And oh, Salma rocks. :-)

vaN said...

nice story up there irvin! :D i like the idea of being a bandido and giving money to the impoverished. ala robin hood. ;) and i don't think the spanish is that bad. ^_^

WOOT! said...

oo nga nice story!

Anonymous said...

er... ok...

but i do like to imagine that your professor sybill mcgonaggal was one of the bandidas... tres mujeres na sila... lol

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