social stampede

What happened yesterday on ULTRA was one scenario of our pitiful social condition.

Most people went there for the hope of becoming a little “richer” but instead experienced a stampede that costs more or less 100 dead people and 200++ injured.

People from remote provinces would sacrifice their jobs and physical comforts for the hope that they could win the promised million peso prize as promised by the Wowowwee gameshow. Most people who went to Ultra are those people in despair who fell for the trap of false-hopes.

Providing sparks of hope to the Filipino people is actually good, especially in the midst of our political and economic turmoil, but blinding people with sparks of false-hope can be devastating.

Wowowwee has long been promising most Filipinos that the show alone can alleviate them from poverty.

TV personalities and people interviewed may be right in saying that nobody is to blame in the incident, but there must be at least people/ forces responsible for the perpetuation of such tragedy.

I do partly blame the Spaniards for infusing in the Filipino psyche and culture the element of luck.

I also partly blame Willie Revillame for sensationalizing poverty, and for telling the people to join Wowowwee instead of finding decent jobs.
“Kung wala kayong magawa sa bahay, kung wala kayong trabaho, mag wowowwee na kayo!” -may not be the exact words from Mr Willie.
He/the show is not helping any poor person- he is merely teaching them to be lazy.

Network/ Project coordinator should also felt responsible for the tragedy because of their failure to anticipate such tragedies.
It is always a responsibility to provide a quality crowd and security control system whenever big events will be held.

The people in queue, who pushed their way in maybe because of impatience or hunger for money, must also be blamed. We never learned our lessons.

The Government must see this as an alarming situation when the majority of the people resort to chances, to false hopes, to luck, instead of working their way to success.

The Arroyo government should have plans on motivating the people to act on their own instead of just resorting to “easy money” promised by game shows. Condolence for the victims

This is what happens when false hopes turn into nightmares.

Prayers and condolences to all the victims of yesterday’s tragedy.


jho said...

i agree. can you imagine tayo ang headline sa new york times dahil sa stampede na yan. parang ang labas ng mga pilipino eh sobrang desperado na. pero nakakalungkot din dahil madami ang namatay at nasugatan. isa ako sa taos pusong nakikiramay sa mga pamilyang naulila at naapektuhan ng trahedyang ito.

nixda said...

natumbok mo 'tol!

nabasa ko ngayon ang resulta ng imbistigasyon. tsk tsk

di na aasenso si Juan! gamitan na lang ang ^^name of the game^^

Ethel said...

kaya nga maraming naghihirap sa ating bayan dahil sa corruption.

jay-p said...

Muling ulit napadpad dito.

Para sa akin may kasalanan din ang ABS-CBN. But I blame the people most.

I think poverty is no excuse for ignorance. We're poor (really poor) and experienced being diconnected with electricity, water and wala kaming LPG at ginamit naming panggatong yung furniture namin (I am not kidding) but we never resorted to anything similar to that kahit wala kaming kainin noon. There is a difference between hope and fantasy.

Instead of working, they chose to stay there days before the program itself. I think it is sheer stupidity to bring children knowing that it will be crowded.

Noong makita nilang marami nang tao they should have just went away like some people have done.

I am sad that people died. I really am.

I have more respect for prostitutes than people waiting for graces to come for them.

And I hope I haven't offended anyone, but I probably did. Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

kailan ko lang nalaman 'to, nakakapanlumo. sa ibang bayan nangyayari ang stampede pag may trahedya, people are running for their safety kaya naiiwan nila yung iba, sa 'tin ang nangyari people ran for an unsure fortune. sana i-ban na ang mga gameshow, nagiging tamad lang ang pinoy eh.-Jas

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