The milk spilled as the bottle fell from his shaking hands.
He reached for the bootle using his elbows as he secured both children in his arms.
The phone rang.
He reached for the phone with his other hand and sandwiched the mouthpiece between his right cheek and shoulder.

What? I already have two with me! Why? What happened?
Oh darn It!
Screw that guy. I told you, there's something wrong with him!

Lucky You! I like kids.
Ah! Ok,ok. Just bring him here.

As the phone landed on the lake of spilled milk,
all the other babies from the room across him did a chorus of screams.
Baby blocks and milk bottles rolled in frenzy across the room.

The sound of the doorbell disturbed his
steaming oblivion from chaos.

He opened the door.
A pair of almond-cut eyes greeted him.
The figure was silent, as if examining the stranger in front.

Slowly, he carried the innocent in his left arm together with another wondering child.

If not because of your mother, you could be placed on one of the lonely cribs of the orphan houses.

When will your mother learn?

at aalis, magbabalik
at uulitin sabihin
na mahalin ka't sambitin
kahit muling masaktan
-nobela, join the club


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