Lessons from a discombobulated production

Finally, after more or less 3 weeks of hiatus, I can say that I am back into pieces.
After what seemed to be an endless battle against stress, curses, muscular pains, zit attacks, intestinal contractions, and what have you in a theatre production, I am proud to say that I survived!

As the music fade and the theatre lights close, a realization came up to me at the same time I made my first real feel-good smile after 3 weeks.

The whole icebag production experience was a humbling experience in disguise.
I say this out of my optimistic nature, really.
The whole production experience taught and reminded me of many things that I know I will need to succeed in life.

Here are some of those things:
    Take every task seriously. Success requires focus. You should never allow mediocrity to stifle you from accomplishing your tasks.

    Learn to accept your limitations. Accept that we cannot do certain things at certain instances in our lives. Self acceptance is hard, especially having your ego on the front line. But crashing our walls of ego is sometimes necessary to help us plan better.

    Be Realistic. It will be more helpful if we set goals that are feasible and realistic, framed on the status quo, and is based on the available resources that we have.

    Always expect the worst. This does not contradict my being optimistic. This trait makes an individual vigilant and prepared of whatever circumstances may come on the way. You must always have back-up plans in everything you do. Before you execute any action, you should foresee the possible outcomes of your would-be actions.

    There will always be authorities higher than you. There will always be forces stronger than you. In this world, we need to learn to bow sometimes to survive. Be like the bamboo who bows before the wind to survive its wrath. Never dare to counter a force that you think is ten times stronger than you.

    Learn to prioritize. There will come a point in our lives when we will be caught between the complicated web of tasks and trials; when this happens, prioritizing things can help us make our way out.

    You can do the impossible. Imagine having a theatre production with only 4 production staff! (And I was one of the lucky four)

    Pray. It does work. It did work for me most of the time.

Always show appreciation to people around you.
Thanks to friends (Etel, Blythe, etc.) who keep on brightening up my aura despite the darkness that keeps on pressing it down.

Thanks to the support of my fellow practicumers and production staff (Jave, Tin and Rachel). We pulled it off!

Thanks to Clarisse, Myca and NiƱa for the emergency help. You made things easier for us.

Sorry for all the people I’ve lost connection with.

Post-prod never felt this good.


balikbayan_box said...

passing by from Bambit's site...


Anonymous said...

so you've learned a lot from your icebag experience? i'm glad. humility boi, remember that, always. :)

Anonymous said...

so you've learned a lot from your icebag experience? i'm glad. humility boi, remember that, always. :)

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