aprils,hopes,fools and shallowness

I will be missing one of the greatest Aprils of my life.
Things will never be the same without her.
Agian, I want her to know that she will always be loved.


I just can't figure out why can there be so much irony in a person.
A person who is a current faculty of a university's department of social sciences, who is supposed to be broad minded and open to various group ideologies and beliefs, happens to be the no. 1 person to discriminate people.

Grr. I just can't help but rant about her puny mind and the way she shuns us away.

How logical can a social sciences instructor be by saying that our organization is causing the devastation of trees by using paper in our flyers?!

Darn her. Don't she use papers too?

It's ironic that despite her active participation in her religious otganization, she acts as if she's a vagabond, a savage who deliberately discriminates people just because of their affiliations.


ah! If only the feeling of loneliness kills, I could have already been drowned in the sea of hades hours ago.

I never thought her impact on me could be this powerful.
As the moon waxes itself each night, the blood in my heart happens to pump more sadness in my system.
The thought of her drifting away from me chains me into an island of desolate solitaire.
nah. All things change.

What happens when political and social ideologies drown a person?
I pity someone who happened to be sucked in the vacuum of so much political and social ideologies that she was not able to help pull herself up to the world.

I pity her because I also love her and I can't seem to help her in any way at this point.

She's like the young anakin skywalker who fell on the pit of the sith.
Anyways, I am hoping and praying that she get herself out of the vacuum of disllusionment.
Oh I am sad.


Anonymous said...

aba aba aba!!!

ie said...

"losing" other people is like losing your limb, or your ear, or your fingernail. as the love song goes: "everytime you go away/ you take a piece of me with you." hope you find your happiness in the months to come.

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