A meteor shower

Mobs are out there for protest against the current oppressive regime.

Rallies are banned.


Abuse of power

A tyrannical government wrapped in the shroud of the blind and deaf laws made by man.

A political ruler who seemed to not understand the laws

Laws that are supposed to protect , not to oppress

Bombings everywhere

Weekly clash of showbiz starlets

Ceaseless futile debates about issues

Literal and metaphorical darkness is slowly creeping on the Philippine streets

The government is constantly depriving the people of their rights

Military personalities everywhere

More and more people from the opposition are missing

The Philippines is not just splitting geographically, but is slowly splitting into a nation of varying ideologies and beliefs.

Natural Disasters

The Tsunami in Asia

Hurricane Rita

Tropical typhoons all over the world


Volcanic Eruptions


Forest Fires

Heat Strokes

Global Warming

Mother earth is naturally cleansing itself.
Mankind can only do much to counter her cleansing process.

The very near future end

Soon, our country will be like those of East Timor, Liberia, Iraq and others who have experienced civil wars.

Wars will proliferate really soon if none of the opposing parties will give way and realize their faults
Unless one side willingly gives up to the other, can we only achieve peace. But as of what’s happening in the status quo, peace is a farfetched idea.


Traces of the so-called Armageddon have long been present in the society.

Shadows of the colonized past are still clouding most people.

The footprints left by the past wars are being picked up and traced by many political leaders of the country.

The fearful and the deteriorating ideas of colonialism, capitalism, and imperialism are affecting the psyche of our political leaders.

Less and less people are given the privilege to study.

More and more people are succumbing to starvation.

Poverty became a normal social construct that it embedded itself to the mentality of most of us.

It became so normal that we’ve learned to accept it, adapt to it, and most of the time, be contented and do nothing about it.

The government, instead of protecting the cause of the people, is serving its rulers for their personal interests.

More and more people are confused.

More and more people commit suicide, afraid to be caught in the Armageddon.

Armageddon is here. It is everywhere.


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