Low Tide

This is not right. These past few days, I’ve been constantly drawn to the moon.

I think I’m being pulled by the moon’s gravitational pull. Everyday, the moon is causing the water inside my body to randomly rise and fall.
The moon is so powerful it creates a series of tides inside me. Admit it, the moon, especially in its fullest form is both mesmerizing and enchanting.
The mystery behind its shadows and the secrets hiding in every crater excites me. Though she keeps on hiding behind the clouds, her raw boldness is still eminent in the sky. I admit, I admire her obvious beauty, I swim in her glow.

The evening breeze is whispering love on my ears, but the leaves, the birds, and the trees say otherwise.
It’s strange that amidst her constant teasing and playing, I felt that there’s something wrong with falling in love with her.
Although the moon is showering me with her glow, everything is just superficial. Her glow is not hers. Therefore the pleasure I derive from bathing in her moonlight is not true. Oh well, superficiality.
I guess I can never really fall in love with the moon.
Unless the moon can actually tell me in the face that her glow is sincere and true, can I only fall and drown in love with her.

*Moonlight cannot ignite the sparks of hope in my heart.

**Hours after I made this, I learned that the moon chose to swim with the universe.

***Tanging mata ko pa lang naman ang nakahawak ng burog-burog na mukha ng buwan.


Anonymous said...

kompadre! sos, ispaayrd?

Tobie said...

This blog is cool and all that. But dang, that animated gif of hands is freaky!!!!

mars said...

we live in a world of superficials.
nothing is really what it seems. even those you thought are your friends.

detoxprincess said...

Diana/Aretmis/Luna has this mystic power to deceive mere mortals, doesn't she? I was once a worshipper of her, and unfortunately there would be times that I still catch myself musing about her.

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