Rummaged and Rumbled

Right now, US is still pacifying nations.
Bush ordered Syria to pullout troops in Lebanon.

My phone is still left uncharged for a week. (Darn. Why have I left the charger!)
UPLB team A broke into the IIDC4 octofinals.
Not bad for a rookie team.
Friendster is again having system failures.
I just realized how unorganized I am.
I just realized that I have much potentials to achieve my goals.
Nick Joaquin might be rejoicing in heaven seeing us suffer reading his works.
I enjoyed reading his stories.
Filipino blogers proliferate very fast.
Blogs who keep on ranting visitors to read their blogs, but have a small font and colors unpleasant to the eyes, continue to mushroom in the blogging community

But amidst all these, right now, at some point in the country, someone is counting the drips of water from a slightly opened faucet.


No other sound.
Just the drips falling from the semi-opened


Each drip traveled the top of her cheekbones.
Each drip followed the contour of her face. Each drip is becoming a defeaning sound for her.
Silence. The previous deafening silence is quickly deadening on her ears.
She never dared to look around.
Her only focus was on the drips that enchanted her.
The drips that put a spell on her.
The only way she could afford to look around is through her peripherals.

drips. Drips.
The drips then traced her arms, moved its way down her elbows, through her hands bound by shackles.


Gloria is now pushing the senate to do a resolution for the National ID system.

I just realized that I need to keep secrets for myself. I need to have reservations.


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Anonymous said...

nahihirapan ako mag send ng message sayo! I am supposed to reply to your invitation re: link. And I am also supposed to send you a private message. Email add mo?

Gerry - (sketches)

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