Irony, Kitty, and Diary

International Women's day.

We just finished electing the new batch of officers in our Org.
The daughters of eve dominated the position of officers.
Women power for this day! woohoo!

I just hope that the new set of officers can effectively do their tasks to make the org better.



What's with the depressive mood? Hmm. I say to you, your theory is just a theory. And what I've been telling you for the past few days are facts. Facts that are, (well, though they are facts established through concessions and social constructs) valid and will be valid for a person if a certain person believes in it. I don't know about you. You stick to your ideology too much. Although you project a perky image, you still don't appear to be one. You cannot feign happiness by shrouding it with "philosophical" thoughts and too much rationalizing about certain things that you believe to be only social constructs and non existent.
Well, Neko, happiness is a choice. You can choose to remain in your bubble of rationalization about things if it REALLY makes you happy, but you can very well believe in certain things that the mind cannot explain.
Neko, hello kitty may seem ahpy, but if you look at her more closely, she doesn't have any mouth that shows any sign of smile. Her eyes are plain black emotionless buttons embedded on her furry face, but that's just it. hello Kitty's happines is only attributed by persons. But are never like her. You are Neko. More special than the sensationalized furry kitty that dominated the closets and rooms of filthy-rich, vain kids. Neko, no matter how sad you think you are, and no mater ow neglected you think you may be, you are not. As you were always saying, you are the child of the universe. Yes, you really are a child of a universe. And every child of the universe is special. You are special. You are intelligent. You are more precous and influential than the pink emotionless kitty with a red ribbon on the ear. You are my Neko.
And because of that, you are entitled to feel special about yourself. You have no special reason to feel depressed. You are loved. It's just that you reject the idea of it.
Neko, be cool. Take it easy. Be safe.

Earlier this evening, we went to brod Jun Yees's house.
Jun Yee was one of the renowned national artists in the country.

As I entered the house, I got fascinated by the intricate designs and patterns that adorned the walls and ceiling. It is a cradle to numerous artistic masterpieces that gives it the aura of a museum.

In the center table in the guest room, I noticed one book, covered in a mud-like material. I suppose it's an old journal or diary of the artist. What's ironic with it is that it's left there on the table, as if offered for anybody, but it's locked and covered with the mud-like, cement-like material ,(whatever it is) to still keep its contents from the eyes of the readers.
Anyway, maybe it's just intended to be that way.
Plain artwork.

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