Bleak Blank Beach

I want the feeling of sand itching its way through my body.

The sun pinching my skin,

tanning it,

making it crispy by baking it with its heat.

I want to feel the waves massage my back, my neck, and my head.

I want it to send drips of water tracing the curves of my body.

Tracing my forehead down to my navel.

I long for the beach's embrace.

I never thought of anything else but the sweet kiss of the sea breeze on my face.

Never did i care to bring anything with me.

Just me.

Me and the beach.

I touched the sand.

It was never there.

I rolled myself on the sand.

No itch on my body.

Still no sandy itch on my skin.

I removed my swimming trunks.

One more time.

I rolled more.

Darn. Still no sandy itch.
Still no feeling.

I head for the waters.

I cupped the glittery water on my palm.

I splashed it on my face.

I saw it. I saw it run across my face. I saw it trace the silhoutte of my neck.

I saw it.

But I never felt it.

I dived in the water.

I immersed myself in the water as long as I can.

10 minutes.


30 minutes.

I can still breathe normally.

I pulled myself out of the water.

My whole body was wet.

From my scalp yto my toes, I can see the wetness.

I can see that I'm wet but I never felt it.

The sun is continuously baking my skin.

I'm thirsty.

Brine water makes me more thirsty.

I want more water.

The beach is there.

I swam.

I saw.

i never conquered.


Anonymous said...

punta tayo pangasinan, gusto ko bumalik don! dagat, dagat, buhangin, bato, isla, isla, isla, isla!!!

Anonymous said...

hoy, ung "sands" mo plural, tapos ung kasunod na verb, lang..chaka dapat
u saw,
u nver conquered..hehe

punta tayo caliraya!

Anonymous said...

bambam ang lufet. ang sipag mo naman magbasa. ako di ko binasa entry ni pol, hmp, katamad... punta tayo sa munting buhangin, sa puerto azul, sa hundred islands, sa matabungkay, sa boracay, sa palawan, sa puerto galera! eh kung sa robinson's galera na lang kaya? =)

Unknown said...

baka naman kailangan mo talga ng kasama para ma conquer mo ang dapat mong ma-conquer, hehehe. sama mo kami!

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