the veins of my head throbs as my thoughts of the virus authors’ onanism float with the clouds of cigarette smoke in the office.

i never imagined the vanity of the virus makers to chain me in this sporadic headache attacks.

what could be the panacea for this?

if all anti-virus softwares and programs fail and give up on that single mutating virus, many would say it is time to re-format the system.

but how do you know if the virus can really be terminated?

right now, i am slowly tormenting all those faceless virus authors in my mind.

i know i can find a way to channel this pain to their vain hearts and minds.
someday they will scream in pain in the taste of their own vanity.

1 comment:

lucas said...

i just hate them...those who program those viruses...what's the gain of making them? proving their genius? my PC shuts down automatically...can you help me?

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