Why morpheus why?

One thing I've learned over the weekend: Learn to befriend darkness.

I told you, all I can give you is five minutes.
You've snatched me from the cobwebs of x and y and z.
You kept me from being masochistic.
Why did you stole me away?
You never knew what happened next.
You never did.

For now, all I can do is muse over other bloggers' photos and get mesmerized by the astounding craftsmanship of Filipino photographers and bloggers.
For now, I wish the summer classes to end.
I wish to save enough money to buy my SLR.


Anonymous said...

woott!!! ganda ng site!:D nice.. very nice.. taggin!!

Anonymous said...

lol.. wla pla ko sa tagboard.. anyweis.. un p rin un sasabihn ko.. spamming natoh.. and nice

Anonymous said...

summer class! dapat nag e enjoy ka sa labas, hehehe joke, ok lang summer class para ,ataos na pag-aaral at makapag work ka na. SLR sisiw lang sayo kapag may proper work ka na! galing ng mga post mo...

Anonymous said...

Some people see the darkness as something of a sinister nature. Not necessarily. The darkness, like any other part of our existence, was made for us to appreciate the light.

-just a small thought, a reflection on the line you wrote about befriending the darkness.

Good luck. Sana makabili ka na ng SLR. Namimiss ko tuloy yung photography class namin dati. Hinihiram ko kasi yung SLR ng partner ko sa class eh. *ngisi*

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